Saint Louis Landmarks: Victorian Home Museum

The Victorian Home Museum in Belleville, Illinois, is managed by the Saint Clair County Historical Society, or SCCHS, if you love good abbreviations just as much as I do. They bought the house in 1963, renovated it for five years, and opened it to the public in 1968. Now everyone can see how Bellevillians ate, slept, drank and gossiped about the common folks (please tell me I’m not the only one who read ‘villains’ at first sight). Better yet, the Victorian Home Museum is also the headquarters of the SCCHS, and some extra artifacts also made it into the museum.


The rooms are furnished with fitting furniture pieces and clothing items to give you an idea of what the house would have looked like in the years right after it was build in 1866. Speaking of 1866, one of the main attractions of the building is a balcony from which Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech. Basic history math tells me that this is not an original balcony from the house (Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, after which he delivered no speeches whatsoever), but it sure is a lovely piece. When you visit, you’ll see five featured rooms and the Richard “Pete” Kern Room, where different exhibits on Saint Clair County history are displayed. You can visit Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm, and the admission of $2 for adults and $1 for children supports the SCCHS in their future work.

This blog post is part of a series on landmarks in Saint Louis. Every week, I take one of the 250 landmarks selected for the 250th anniversary of the city and look up some information. This way, I hope to get to know my new city a little better every week together with you, my readers.


That Museum For Kids And Fun Adults

Saint Louis was never on top of my list of places to go visit. If I were to cross the pond, I’d visit New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Miami, Boston… Missouri was never in there. Before I went there, miss Missouri would tell me all the stuff one can do in Saint Louis. After the first point, seeing the Cardinals, there was a long pause. It seemed like my gut feeling was right. Turns out, things aren’t all that bad. There’s not a day I spent in Saint Louis without something to do. Escpecially Forest Park seems stuffed with entertainment, one of them being the Science Center.

Energizer Ball Machine. Like that’s even a thing. Picture happily stolen from Wikipedia.

The Science Center is a lot of fun for kids. You can build bridges of giant building blocks, find out how earthquakes work, pretend you’re a dinosaur and get epileptic from the biggest Energizer Ball Machine (official name) you’ll ever see. I still don’t know what it’s good for. When we went there, schools had just started, so miss Missouri and I took the liberty of actually building the bridge, find out how earthquakes work and half of us even pretented to be a dinosaur. The best part of the museum as a whole, was that it’s free. Not just because I like free stuff, but also because for kids, it’s a really fun way to get a grib on the world around them. Amsterdam has a museum just like that, but that one costs E13,50 per person. That’s quite a difference for two museums that are pretty comparible.

What’s the best museum ever?

I’m visiting Missouri again in August. You’re welcome to provide tips in these comments.