Extra Curriculum Information

About my life. As I told you, I’m a student, so my life has a lot of reading and studying. I’d like to add some pictures to show you what my environment looks like. First picture: the apartment building I live in. My room would be too much information, but I can tell you it’s 172 square feet (or 16 m2) and costs slightly less than E300 a month. I’ve got a closet, bed and desk in it, some bookcases and a small table. I share a shower with six other people, a kitchen with eleven others and the twelve of us have bathrooms (water closets).

Next pictures: my mode of transportation. This is my bike. If this was a car, it would be a pick-up. Actually, the model is called pick-up. It gets me around, as the following picture shows.

Last picture shows downtown Leiden, or the old centre. In the picture is one of two main old churches, taken from the old bastion in the centre of the city.

Any requests or recommendations to complete the stalking? Did I just make your day?


2 thoughts on “Extra Curriculum Information

  1. I ran across a comment on somebody else’s blog. Missouri isn’t the best place to move to but I see you’re only a student, so there’s that. I was born and raised here, so I can say that.

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