Visiting Michigan III: Mackinac Island

This is a bit of an awkward post. We did go to Mackinac Island, but there is a problem on Mackinac Island. We’ll get to that. Originally, Mackinac Island wasn’t even in our plans, but since so many people asked us if we were going there, that we decided it should be worth it. Also, it was right on our way from Petoskey to the Upper Peninsula, so things worked out well.

For those who’ve never heard of Mackinac Island: it’s a pretty island mainly known for its lack of cars. That’s right. No cars on an American island. Instead, all transportation goes by horse wagons and bicycles. I felt right at home. Besides the cycling, the island is known for two things: fudge and its Grand Hotel. And this is where it gets awkward.

I will bet you there is no car and no Grand Hotel on this island.

Look at that car; I will bet you there is no fudge and no Grand Hotel on this island.

We wanted to see the Grand Hotel (actually, we didn’t have a choice; it takes up about half the island). But people don’t simply get to see the Grand Hotel. Ordinary people aren’t exactly allowed near the Grand Hotel. In fact, I am pretty sure the Grand Hotel is getting a little upset I have already mentioned it a few times in this blog post, because it simply can’t be associated with the likes of us. Entering the larger grounds of the hotel will cost you $10. A person. That’s $20 for Mrs Missouri and I, just for the privilege of standing in front of the hotel (and to get the opportunity of eating it’s lunch buffet; for an extra $50 per person, of course).

If I remember correctly, that makes the Grand Hotel $20 more expensive than the holy of holies. Not as exclusive, sure, but more expensive nonetheless. Instead of paying to look at the building, we decided to cycle on and made our way around the entire island (60% landing strip, 20% hotel, 15% forest, and 5% fudge shops), sat down at the most picturesque location of the island and ate a surprisingly wonderful pizza. I will show you a picture of that, mainly because I don’t want to charge my visitors a fee to look at a picture of the Grand Hotel.



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