Whatever Floats With You

So I went on a float trip the other day. For non-Missourians, or real high-brow Missourians, a float trip is a type of camping trip where you are dropped off at one point on the river, put on an inflatable raft, and picked up downstream at the end of the day. In the meantime, you drink beer. It’s basically drinking beer all day on a raft, which is funny, because when I tell people I spent my Saturday on the couch drinking beer all day, they get all judgmental, but apparently being on a raft makes it okay. Think of floating as canoeing for the type of people who could spend their Saturdays on the couch drinking beer.

It's this. All day. On a river.

It’s this. All day. On a river.

I am being too harsh. There’s something meditative about floating. Watching the Missouri riverbanks go by, and waiting where the stream takes you can awaken a new understanding of life (I had five beers over the span of the whole day, I swear). Add to that the fun of being with other people and a moderate summer day (known in other parts of the world known as a beautiful summer day), and you’ve got yourself a great Saturday. I can highly recommend it, for those days where canoeing seems too much like a chore, and you want to see what life can bring you if you lay back and see where it takes you.



12 thoughts on “Whatever Floats With You

  1. BIG fan of the goat meme. And this whole post. If you wanted to switch it up, you could probably just put a carton of milk on your raft and see what’s happened to it after a day in the sun when you get to the end . . .

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