Voting Score Card

Before we begin, let me announce the results of Missouri voting that took place last week (also, you’re welcome for the voting advice, two people who found my blog on Google).

The right to farm turned out as controversial as they said, with a yes vote of only 50.13%. That’s a tiny margin, but I bet Monsanto can modify it to get the most out of it.

Evidently, I am not alone in my struggle against the Veteran Memorial Bridge lobby, because the idea of having a Veterans lottery in the constitution was shot down with the enthusiasm it called for in the first place. Veterans reportedly state they are now hoping for another way to get their benefits through a system of luck.

The tax for improved roads was turned down, so we can spend the saved tax money on slightly more expensive cars to then ruin by driving them on terrible roads.

With a clear victory, the right to bear arms is now part of the constitution, a clear victory for a right that was never in danger. Results over the right to remain silent and the right to party are expected somewhere in the next week.

Finally, the desire for an electronic right of privacy was underlined with the biggest margin. Legislators assure the loopholes will work as they did and nothing will actually change, so there is no reason to panic.

In other news, I have started writing more about St Louis, and you should be seeing the first results of that writing anytime soon. This means the blog will get more posts, and I hope you will enjoy me getting to know my city better. Fridays are still reserved for Rock Hill, so the day anything happens in this town, you’ll be the first to know about it (if it happens on a Thursday night, in all other cases there may be a delay).

Literally a screenshot of all the Rock Hill news this week. It's not all my fault.

Literally a screenshot of all the Rock Hill news this week. It’s not all my fault.


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