Getting Things to Work

Those of you who have been following me for a while now may know that things are going rather slow. I am drowning in a pool of bureaucracy with no real end in sight. I can’t work without a permit, and as getting one takes an amazing amount of time, my days can feel somewhat lost. But I decided to turn things around, and have been working on something for the last few months with increasing intensity. Now that it’s set up a little, I feel it’s time to reveal how I defy bureaucracy holding me down and emerge eager to work:

logo bigger


& Then Some, my own little Social Media consultancy baby. I fully believe I have found a way to work in spite of my missing permit AND still pay my taxes like an abiding citizen, so I wanted to let you guys know I am in business. I plan to do all my business online and in person, and help small businesses to create an easy social media strategy that is sustainable without becoming an expert. So if you know anyone who might need my help, would otherwise be interested, or wants to ask social media questions, please send them to this website: . As the name suggests, it’s a website most valuable for people who are looking to dive into social media for their business, but aren’t quite sure how. Thank you for your attention and next week I’ll be back writing about normal Missouri things. Also, I haven’t forgotten about my Friday posts on life in a town where nothing ever happens, but that aspect of nothing happening turns out to be a weakness as well…


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