Clearwater Beach and a Suspicous Rash

For those of you who were afraid I went to Clearwater, Florida just to look at the roundabouts, rest assured. There was much more to be done, although perhaps vacations on the beach are more about not doing things than actually undertaking them. My weekend started on Thursday, when we left for Tampa. Mrs Missouri had some work to do on Thursday and Friday, and I happily bummed around the hotel and ended up having a nice dinner at a beach bar, where I managed to pick one of the only seats in the house that didn’t have a view of the bay. When I realized this, I reminded myself to always let Mrs Missouri pick where we sit. I am the kind of person that picks a table and not realize he positioned himself right at the cross section of where the kitchen door slams open, in the odor zone of the toilet, and where the only view you have is of the waitress suspiciously scratching the same spot over and over.

This is the bar when I walked up to it. As you can see, the view is negligible anyway.

This is the bar as I walked up to it. As you can see, the view is negligible anyway.

After work and bumming around had ended, birthday celebrations kicked in and we drove the twenty-something minutes to Clearwater and the beach. I am hard pressed to tell you anything else than the fact that we spent most of our time lying in the sand, some time floating in the ocean, and the rest of the time walking the promenade where a kind of mini festival will pop up every night, with various street artists and an open air cinema. It is sometimes surprising how one weekend can feel like a complete vacation, but maybe the closing pictures below can give you some insight on how that’s possible.

palm tree sunset clearwater clearwater beach florida


6 thoughts on “Clearwater Beach and a Suspicous Rash

  1. You have to give me credit for clicking on your link when you have the word “rash” in the title. Knowing you, I was very afraid of what you were going to tell me. 😉

    In other news: whose birthday? When was it? Mine is coming up. May I get a beach vacation, too?

  2. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. Oh. Sorry. I didn’t realize I was scratching. I’ll stop. Scratch. Scratch. Sheesh. That’s catching…
    Happy belated birthday and way to celebrate! Sorry. I have no idea about the scratching… 😀

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