Late Fees in a Little Town

Summer has started in our small town and so has summer camp. Local kids have six weeks of city provided entertainment lined up (or technically, five more days from today on). I am almost jealous at the amount of fun they are going to have, because the sign up sheet is nine pages long. If that isn’t a guarantee for a whooping good time, I don’t know what is. Of course, only three of those pages are actually about the program. Two are a calendar, one is the actual sign up sheet. The rest of the document is and endless set of rules for parents. Because nothing says fun like permission slips and medical forms.

Also, having asthma and diabetes doesn't feel half as bad when the medical form uses such a cheerful font.

Although having asthma and diabetes doesn’t feel half as bad when the medical form uses such a cheerful font.

There is one particular rule that caught my eye, however. I knew how much the city of Rock Hill likes handing out speeding tickets, but I never expected them to extend this policy to their own summer camp. Realizing the city budget depends on a steady stream of tickets, they decided to kill two birds with one stone: streamline the camp and fund the mayor’s new city hall. If you pick up your child 10 minutes late, your fee is $5, and this fee may rise to $20 if you are late 15 minutes or more. Imagine being a parent with very little time to spare and missing every green light on the way home. Your child’s summer camp just got a lot less fun. And it’s not like you can speed up a little to make up for lost time, because we all know you can’t afford that in the Rock Hill area.


5 thoughts on “Late Fees in a Little Town

  1. A bargain! Six weeks for that low price? These late fees are pretty standard, sadly. And yes, we fight the lights every day here too. Gotta beat the pick-up deadline time, or you’ll get the “fish eye” from the adults in charge.

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