Fire Department For The Win

I love the city where we live. Right in the middle of Saint Louis County, close enough to wherever we need to go, yet with a distinct small city feel. We’ve got small city crime, small city politics, and small city policies. We are also blessed to be a part of the surrounding area’s newspaper: the Webster-Kirkwood times. It is here that we find out where to go on our scavenger hunts and how I inform myself on important local issues, such as the bee-keeping controversy that kept everyone with an opinion, legislation, and most likely all the bees busy for months. As I fall into the category of everyone with an opinion, I thought of reintroducing my Friday posts, but dedicating them to my little town and the surrounding area.


Clearly, the rights of this image are the city’s, not mine.

For instance, we’ve got big news this week, as shown above. Our firefighters have a new gadget: a thermal imaging camera. In itself, this may not be interesting, until you get to the last sentence of the description: ‘the fire department won this camera for the city at the Fire Instruction conference in Indianapolis’. Isn’t that a sentence that requires a lot more information? I mean, so many images pop into my head, and so many questions. How did they win it? Was there a three legged race? Did they guess the weight of the Dalmatian on stage? Is it actually a ‘best calendar award’? Maybe a raffle? Did we win the big prize or were we shooting for a new nozzle? If we needed a thermal imaging camera, why did we not just buy one? It might be expensive, but with the mileage on a fire truck, driving the whole crew to Indianapolis might end up being the same price. I don’t understand why journalists aren’t jumping on these questions. Maybe I’m the only one brave enough to ask them.

Also, if you’re an arsonist, and I really hope you’re not, you should make sure you keep the third week of April wide open in your 2015 calender, as thousands of firefighters will be absent from their jobs.



5 thoughts on “Fire Department For The Win

  1. Also, what do they want to use the camera for? Detecting harmless victims in a smoke-filled room? Fine. Detecting how many late-night shoppers are still cluttering up the grocery store? Not so much.

    I’m looking forward to your new Friday posts. Great small town stuff!

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