Ain’t Nothing More American…

Every now and then, I will see the phrase shown in the title appear on my Facebook feed. Sometimes it refers to apple pie, sometimes to baseball, and I’ve seen it used for drinking beer, too. The possibilities are endless, but there’s one thing I heard recently that I think perfectly matches the phrase. Mrs Missouri and I went to a library presentation of a world traveler (secretly selling us his travel agency services to go on boring cruises with old people). He told us about Alaska. Alaska in this story has two things: nature and civilization. The civilization is perfectly captured in the McDonald’s they built there. I have been told that outside the building, bald eagles are waiting for leftovers. Let this sink in for a moment. Slightly obese bald eagles are waiting for hamburgers outside a McDonald’s. Move over baseball, I have found the ultimate American thing.


Obama was a little upset about my Venn diagram last week, so this is me making up for it.

PS. So did anyone else mistake Monday and Tuesday after the three day weekend or was I the only one?


4 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing More American…

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  2. In our region, the bald eagles hang out just downstream of the Mississippi River locks (Alton, Winfield, Clarksdale) and downstream to the Chain of Rocks (itself downstream from New and Old COR Bridges). Fish go through the dam gates (think of a nice spin in a front-load washer) or through the rapids and get disoriented. Easy pickings!
    Someone needs to invent a fast food processed fishburger – just the thing for the invasive Asian carp plaguing the Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois Rivers. If you can’t beat them, eat them!

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