Forget Spring, It’s Election Season!

I had an interest in the United States long before I developed an interest in one particular US citizen. The whole country intrigued me, but the political side of things all the more. In fact, I think everything is political: religion, science, theology, marriage, death, birth. Actually, that’s not what I believe personally, but what makes US politics so fascinating. Dutch politics is branded by a multiple party system so multiple, opinions become downright fluid. Flexibility and working together for a common goal will always be more important than rigid promises you can never keep. If Dutch politics are a playground where groups are formed, friends are needed, and all things take too long and are never truly finished, American politics are a buck mating fight: two deer stand on opposite sites of the arena, run towards each other and clash in the middle with a lot of noise. After the smoke is gone, we’ll see who is the last to stand.

The innocent. I could have known.

The innocent. I could have known.

There are exceptions to this powerful spectacle, however. Our idyllic little city, so neatly hidden in the midst of Saint Louis County, doesn’t have these fancy problems. Our mayor recently decided to step down, and so the political spark has lit this little town. Like mushrooms in the fall, endorsement signs popped up in front yards, showing support for the candidate. That’s right. The candidate. We have one. There is one person running for mayor, and we are still urged to vote for him. Evidently, my fellow neighbors get absolutely confused when the clashing and shouting is taken away from them, and fall into a default mode of backing their own. And me? I’m just very glad to see this town stands behind its future mayor like one.


5 thoughts on “Forget Spring, It’s Election Season!

  1. Hmmm. a one-party system…no wait, we already had that with Margaret Thatcher; it’s called dictatorship and was very irritating indeed…perhaps you and Mrs Missouri could rustle up another candidate. Bribery sometimes helps or hypnosis:)

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