Saint Louis Marked By Menopause

This morning, I heard a phrase on the radio that basically summarizes this blog post. ‘If you don’t like the weather in Saint Louis, just wait a few minutes.’ I actually think the Midwest is having its menopause. Hot flashes and cold chills are as normal as a Blues win these days.

blues hockey fight

They’re kicking butt this season, but all everybody talks about is winter practice for the Cardinals. Hockey is so middle child in this town.

We could have barbecued for Christmas, were tanning just a weekend or so ago, and in between the heat waves of two weeks ago and last weekend, I was going full archaeology  mode in our driveway; I knew our car had to be somewhere under those layers of snow. Speaking of temperamental things in winter, our dishwasher broke (if you’re reading this, insurance company, the two are not related). I feel catapulted back into the semi-slavery of my childhood, where doing the dishes was part of a forced bonding ritual with your parents (I think that’s child laborers’ motto) I only miss now that I’m over a thousand miles away; and perhaps I miss the fact that I’m not washing AND drying at least as much as I miss them (that’s not true). In between firing up our fireplace, doing dishes by hand, and replenishing all fluids our car needed, I feel like I’m going back to nature. Fred Flintstone and I are developing a wonderful common understanding, or it’s probably me understanding him, as you know, he’s a cartoon. I shouldn’t have brought that up. Now I really want a pet dinosaur…

Not a T-Rex though. They're probably as bad at doing dishes as they seem at making the bed.

Not a T-Rex though. They’re probably as bad at doing dishes as they seem at making the bed.


5 thoughts on “Saint Louis Marked By Menopause

      • Yes, sometimes one has to keep a stiff upper lip when it comes to the weather. Not much you can do about it unless you’re in China and you have something like the Olympics going on and you shoot rockets into the atmosphere to control the weather… 😉

  1. You want to try living in Wales, Darlings! If the storms don’t blow you off your feet, the torrential rain will sweep you down your drive. Yesterday I walked past cars with lovely icy floral patterns on their windshields and I admired them until I slipped on black ice and fell on my nether regions. This morning it’s warm enough to don a bathing suite and surf down the rainy road. Great post, love the pet dino. And belated congratulations for getting married to “Pebbles”.

    • From what you tell me, I have absolutely no desire to live in Wales. It sounds terrible! My nether regions are all fine and undisturbed; I hope yours will recover as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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