Hoping For A Stunt In Red October

Before I ever came to Missouri, I asked my then-girlfriend what things one could do for fun in Saint Louis. Without a blink, she said, ‘Go to a baseball game’. Then it was silent for a long time. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to do here, but baseball clearly marks a special place in Saint Louis. Especially now after five games in the World Series, the whole city is turning red and excited. Buses are driving around with ‘Go Cards!’ as their destination, leaving hundreds of people wondering where they’re actually going, I presume. I think every store in town has bought a banner to support the team (note to self: start banner company), and only Saint Louis based Budweiser brewer Anheiser Busch does not jump on the bandwagon and shows a commercial about every other inning where they tie their brand to a stadium that is clearly not their very own Busch Stadium. During games, the city is quiet. I ran to Walgreens for an errand, and the busy street we live on was absolutely deserted. I know where those people were, because we have been to a few bars to watch the games from there.

We changed this view for that one drunken sports fan who accidentally OD'd his testosterone that morning.

We changed this view for that one drunken sports fan who accidentally OD’d his testosterone that morning.

I like the atmosphere that comes with big sports, and so I like these World Series. I’m still learning baseball (because normally I watch it in restaurants without the commentary, so I am still at an elementary level), but I like learning too. After all, it just comes down to slamming the ball with a wooden stick as hard as you can. I know, I know, it’s more complicated than that, but at least you understand enough without the rule book (but boy did we need one in game 3), unlike some other sports.

The one lesson we all learned: when you're running, watch where you're going.

The one lesson we all learned: when you’re running, watch where you’re going.

As the Cardinals are trailing one game and going to Boston today, there is a small chance they might not win the series (and now it’s my fault for jinxing it, I guess, or does jinxing only work the other way around?). I really enjoyed the city in World Series atmosphere though, so I had a great October anyway. Next year again? Go Cards!


8 thoughts on “Hoping For A Stunt In Red October

    • No. Neither of us is invested enough (I did not see one Red Sox-themed message coming from you on any media (medium? or is this the visum/visa all over again?)), and I really think the RS have the upper hand. You have little to lose, I’d say.

      • Okay, just so we’re clear. 😉

        (And don’t tell anyone, but you’re right–I’m not that invested. I didn’t even know who the Red Sox were playing! :-/ I only get rabid about it if I’m residing in a different part of the country where I am in the minority, contrarian that I am.)

  1. I just discovered your blog and it’s hilarious. I lived in Missouri for three years and I’ve always hated baseball. St. Louis is hilariously fanatical about its baseball. Last time they soon the World Series, I was delivering pizzas in Cape Girardeau, MO. People were literally running around outside screaming. I saw one guy on his balcony playing a cheerful tune on a trumpet. Also, the best thing to do for fun in St. Louis is definitely Schlafly brewery. Biggest thing I miss about Missouri, by far.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you like reading my blog :). Don’t you think Missouri has to be fanatical about baseball? I mean, you can only get excited about corn for so long. I’m just kidding, I like it here. But yeah, baseball is kind of crazy here.

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