Settling: The Job Search Saga I

Now that I have arrived and all wedding activities have concluded their businesses, I can fully focus on my job search. I know I never bore you with the mundane everyday part of my life, but there is so much that I notice, that I cannot contain myself. Additionally, I am pretty convinced that most of what strikes me is of American origin. As a last reason, this gives me an excuse to upload a resume and have you all look at it.

And then hire me.

And then hire me, as your eye lids get heavy.

I have already had my first job interview, but as I’m not the person to sit and wait, I am looking for other opportunities while I sit (and still wait). So it could very well be that next week’s addition will be written from an employed perspective, but I have enough ammunition to fill a few Fridays. Spending my days on LinkedIn, I started to hate some of the qualifications that fellow students list as skills. There will be episodes devoted to that. Every other day, I get a nice email from someone who tries to get me a job as a telemarketer. They claim to have read my resume, so I might post some online conversations with folks who believe a commission-based salary, the need to strongly influence clients, and a high level of integrity can go together in an environment that sounds like the hangout of a bunch of high school bullies. Finally, maybe I’ll spend some time analyzing the polished turds of job ads I see along the way. If you love uncovering euphemisms and calling a spade a spade half as much as I do, we have a lot of fun coming our way. 




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