Friday Snack: An Insult To The Neighborhood

Yes, last Tuesday you missed me. Or you didn’t, but I didn’t do my weekly post. It’s a long story, but I can adequately summarize it as follows: we wanted to sand the floors last Saturday, stain and finish on Sunday and live like kings in our shiny floor place by coming Sunday. The reason I didn’t post last Tuesday was pretty simple: after staining, we decided that we needed to sand again. So basically we did all the sanding, staining and finishing once more, and now it is Friday. We are living in our basement, but the floors are shiny, bright and drying, and because we bought ourselves super ultra fast drying finish (not even kidding), we’ll be upstairs by Sunday again.


Even though I feel that it is fun to share a more personal life with an audience that has waited for so long to see me arrive here (and is still growing, yay!), my goal really is to talk at a broader level than just have me tell you all about working on the floors. But for now, it has been the floors, mainly. There is much more though; I had my first ‘job’ interview for an internship, my first driving experience, a bachelor party coming up and everything that still stands in the way of miss Missouri and I getting married. Okay, everything we got in our own way, because legally we’re set, but everyone involved has questions and they are so dependent on us for their own job, it’s like having to guide them through the whole process.

And this is why you never see other memes here.

And this is why you never see other memes here. About as good as my photography skills.

There is one thing I wanted to share with you that has haunted me the past few weeks. One of the reasons we chose this house was the good school district. Even though we ourselves won’t benefit directly from the educational system in our neighborhood, it certainly is something to consider when buying a house. But every time we enter our block, there is a sign that worries me a little. It seems that the children and the school district are out of sync in some sense. I just hope that it’s not the neighborhood, so that if we ever have kids, they won’t turn out like the children in the street, that need a sign to aware people of their abilities. Let me just show you the sign, and I’ll be back on Tuesday:

slow children


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