So I Listen To The Radio

The radio? Again? Well, yes. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the more exciting things that’s happening in my life right now. My days so far have consisted of painting my father in law’s porch twice a week (with the radio on), doing some small writing projects and job-preparing/looking throughout the day (not worth blogging about), and the forty minute walking exercise that doing groceries gets me (while listening to the radio). So unless you want to hear all about my brush strokes of white paint along the already white columns on the porch, radio is about the biggest thing in my life right now.

Even the pictures are boring.

Even the pictures are boring.

I notice the same thing I noticed two years ago, but now that I am listening to the radio all day, I see the joy of switching things up a little. It’s like opening a treasure chest. There is a radio station for everything. I honestly heard Christmas songs a few days ago. In July.That was right after I listened to a classical interpretation of Mary Poppin’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. And these aren’t some obscure internet stations, they’re the ones that you find when you nostalgically browse the air waves. It’s awesome. And if you want to hear stories about painting the porch, I can answer any questions you want.


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