Blog Loving: Bizarroword

Let me quietly introduce this. I like wordgames, both Dutch and English. I like being bilangual, so I can always play my second-language card. I never lose wordgames, half of the time because of that same card I keep playing. This is way I got pretty excited when I read about Bizarroword on Jenn’s page.

It has a button, too.

It has a button, too.

Today is the last day to play, so if you’re bored and looking for a way to vamp up your Friday, feel free to click the button above. I hope to win (and if I don’t, it’s because English is my second language), just to see how a box of apple muffins will make it here. Below, you find my entry:

1. Exodus
2. Forcing grammarly handicapped people to leave the building.
3. If them would speak proper English, them could stay a while, but now I’d rather exodthem.

1. I got nothing
2. Ponder upon what to eat for dinner.
3. How about pasta? That’s okay, we can still bettheyen.

1. Conclusion
2. Coughing up that green stuff that had been blocking your throat for days.
3. ‘Hold on, I think I may finally have my conclthemion.’

1. Constitution
2. When a bus or train is so crowded you cannot pass easily.
3. ‘Let’s take the next one, this one is constitthemion.’

1. Thus
2. A minor, unplanned surprise.
3. ‘What a ththem, there’s a $10 bill in my pocket!’

1. Still not a clue
2. Archaic English for ‘deer’.
3. Shan’t we be humble, lest we stumble; thyself thy heir, evermore thirsty, like a runaway theyre.

Theme (pronounced as something between thumb and tomb; don’t ask why, I didn’t make the rules)
1. Use
2. When your little toe slams the door.
3. I feel a little lame, maybe it’s because of the theme yesterday.

1. Usurp
2. In a family with many kids, themurp is almost the youngest.
3. ‘I have one younger sister, that makes me themurp.’



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