Reader Appreciation Day

As you may have seen last Friday, I threw a bit of a blog party, calling out three fellow bloggers to join in my happiness. In fact, even those people I didn’t call out were appreciated a lot more than any other day. Some days go by where I really couldn’t care less about my readers. It’s at those days that I refuse to write. Wait, that’s not true. I value the readership on this blog every single day. So why throw a reader appreciation day?


The banner that you can’t read says ‘customer appreciation day (my photo skills are the reason I don’t believe in the idea that a picture can be a thousand words).

Because it’s American, that’s why. The picture above shows a small town in Illinois that my train went through. It announces an upcoming customer appreciation day. I don’t know what they actually did on that day. Probably not aligning cars and trucks, because that’s more of a daily routine job. It’s one of those things that does make you wonder why there’s a special day for that. Like Mother’s Day, it seems just to serve a commercial want. Even worse, somewhere in the back of your head you suddenly feel okay ignoring your mother for the rest of the year. You did bring her breakfast in bed, after all. So, you won’t see me on customer appreciation day. I want to feel special every day.

What do you appreciate?


4 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Day

  1. So wait. Are you saying we ARE appreciated today, or not? 😉

    I think sometimes it’s nice to have days like this, because at least then there’s insurance that at least one day of the year I won’t have to do the dishes. That’s my birthday, though. And I had to tell my husband that I wanted that to happen that day. 🙂

    • You, and all other readers, are appreciated every day. I never did anything for Mother’s Day (she was the only woman in the house, so it was decided that there was no need for anything special), but now my fiancée makes me. One of those moments where she might be right. Also, I was born on Father’s Day, so I’m clear for the rest of my life.

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