Gee, There Are So Many People I Want To Thank

I just received a blogger award from Jenn. At first, I thought I escaped the compliments that she so rightly gave to others and that I inevitably would have nothing to say on except for a ‘thank you’. I don’t really like getting compliments. I have learned to say ‘thank you’, and appreciate it, but my critical nature keeps me from living them. See? I’m still doing it. But evidently, she would have none of that and gave me my own blog post. Thank you Jenn, I appreciate it.

A great reader will let me know when they enjoyed a blog post, and more importantly, what they liked about it. I really like how I can see the great readers here join me in watching (mostly their own) American culture through the eyes of someone who never had to make it his own, but is now finally trying. They understand that a different culture always comes from your own perspective and provokes amazement, rather than a condescending tone (even when the two can be hard to distinguish or sometimes even come in a hybrid form). If you’re looking for examples, my great readers are to be found in about every comment section.

It's not the fourth of July, it's the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award; that other occassion to have fireworks.

It’s not the fourth of July, it’s the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award; that other occassion to have fireworks.

I would like to celebrate some sort of ‘reader appreciation day’. Don’t get too excited, this is not going to be an annual thing. I’ll list five people who stand out in appreciation. Actually, make that three. I’d like to give an honorary mention to Jenn, who I can’t give back the award, because that seems kind of rude and non-appreciative (I would). The second honorary mention goes to Orange Spice Drop, who was always a faithful commenter, but seems to have deleted her blog, so I cannot link to her. Finally, I’d like to mention that I appreciate every comment, either on here or informal. But then again, protocal requires me to list five readers. I happily announce the other three mentions:

Maria Thermann, who is without a doubt my most loyal commenter. She knows  her cultures, her migration stories and her fantasy writing. Please go and check her out.

This is a funny one, because I don’t know her actual name. I hope she never mentioned it. Let’s CUT the Crap! No, that’s her blogging name. One of the things I really like about blogging is how you come across people from all sorts. She is a very talented writer and funny, too. I love reading about a world that is quite different from my own (yet).

Daniel Mitchell. It seems I’m steeling ideas and mojo here, but he actually contributes a lot to this blog and is not afraid to call me out when my ideas have gone too far. His sharp insights and witty nature are evident on his blog, too. He’s a good one to have around, even if just virtual.

What makes a good reader to you?


2 thoughts on “Gee, There Are So Many People I Want To Thank

  1. Ooooh–lucky Dan–he gets this award “in stereo”! 🙂

    Thank you for accepting your reward. And for hypothetically giving it back. 🙂 I’m totally going to check out your other recommendations now . . .

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