Theatre Unchained: AMC’s Cinema Suites Explained

Once in a while, miss Missouri and I like to shake up things. I’m not a crazy movie freak, but together we watch way more than we do apart. I guess it makes for excellent quality time, new inside jokes and at least something to talk about over dinner the coming week. Our shaking up last January took place in a new theatre that had opened near her place. It was a new concept (to us, at least), where you wouldn’t just watch a movie, but undergo a whole new experience.

First of all, you have to be 21 or over to enter. It’s not that anything really funky is going on, but it eliminates high school sweethearts looking for a very gross place to make out in the corner, little kids that get bored or young parents that bring their little ones to a movie so inappropriate, your replacing shame prohibits you from enjoying the movie, condemning it in the young-born soul’s place instead. This creates a unique  atmosphere. Behind the desk, you feel elected into a club that actually keeps people outside. It must be what it feels like going into an airport lounge, but I wouldn’t know, because every time I try, I get shooed away.

I made this picture myself. The quality explains why I don't put up more pictures and why we decided to hire a professional photographer.

I made this picture myself. The quality explains why I don’t put up more pictures and maybe also why we decided to hire a professional photographer for our wedding. 

Only 29 people fit in the theatre. Big lounge chairs make you feel like a little kid (unless you’re the guy next to us, who actually needed that seat). The full hour of commercials flies by, because you’re overwhelmed with the exclusive atmosphere, the private waiter that comes by and playing with the buttons that make your chair even more laid-back. Unlike everyone else in the theatre, we actually ate a meal before going in, but our beers and brownie (even though the combination sounds absolutely terrible) were surprisingly good. We saw Django Unchained and I even provided a mini review as a bonus. After the movie, we had quite something to talk about. The whole concept gives a feeling of a night out, as if you’re going to the theatre again. If I’m really honest, our seats, service and experience were far better than our one time visit at the opera.

What’s your favorite night out?

*Bonus: mini review for Django Unchained.
I give it *** (that’s three stars, not a covered-up dirty word) out of five. Not that I disliked the movie, it was just too much Quentin Tarantino. One of the reasons I am not suited to actually review movies is that I have never watched one of his movies (fully). I’ve heard rumours about his style, they were all true and had someone else directed the movie, it would have been much better.


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