It’s Nature, My Deer

That title is not a typo, that’s a pun. I’ve heard they get funnier when you explain it.

Missouri wildlife amazes me every time I am in the US. Where I come from, there’s not that much wildlife. We have birds and petting zoos. Outside of the urban areas, we have a grand total of two different snakes (and an oversized worm-type officially recognized as a snake). Some deer wonder around in the tiny woods, and we have a few wild hogs. None of it compares to the vast amount of creatures wondering the suburbs.

Including, but not limited to, mall walkers looking for a special deal.

Including, but not limited to, mall walkers looking for a special deal.

When I ride shotgun after 8pm, miss Missouri sometimes has me scouting for deer (so we won’t drive into them). In the suburbs. We have deer in urban areas, but only in said petting zoos. Our deer are fenced and imported, Missouri deer are a plague, hunted and everywhere. So are squirrels. Seeing a squirrel in The Netherlands would be the equivalent of seeing a leprechaun in Ireland. You know they’re there and many people have seen them, but they’re really well-hid. Worst of all, my care-free walks in nature are over. Strolling the park used to be relaxing, but Missouri parks are swamped with snakes, if you ask me. So far, none of them have tried to attack me, but we all know it won’t be long before they will. 

What´s your favorite suburban animal?


14 thoughts on “It’s Nature, My Deer

      • > have not seen a wild turkey in my life.
        Count your blessings. I’ve seen them fly. God did not mean for them to do that.

      • Okay, I had never seen a wild turkey in my life (live in Southern CA) but we went camping at one of the lakes in Central CA Near Solvang…saw them hanging out in the field where we had our tent and took several pics. Everyone thought I was crazy “It’s just a turkey. Has she not ever seen one prior.” Yeah, on computers, books, t.v. and on my dinner plate…not wild. hahahah! 🙂

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for foxes. When I lived in London, a vixen took up residency in my garden. Eventually, she brought her entire family to live there (it was a large garden, I didn’t mind). They are fascinating creatures and very intelligent. I also adore squirrels. The only suburban animals I really detest are smelly men in pin striped suits – they remind me of my banking days.

  2. Hi, there! I happened upon your blog from bluestracker Sean’s. We live in southwest MO and see deer and/or turkey in our neighborhood almost every day. The deer come out of the woods and eat out of our bird feeder when it snows. Pretty cool unless they smack into your car!

    • Why, welcome! I need to find me somewhere turkeys are. That should be cool. As long as the deer don’t eat the apple pie you have cooling in the window, it’s the birds’ problem, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. All we get are coyotes. Well, that’s not true. A neighbor warned me that behind our condo unit, there’s a block wall separating us from the houses…in between is a storm over-flow /drainage area filled with foilage/trees – and they saw a Bob Cat with it’s young living there and would come into our complex at night… and to be careful with our young kids and little dog. it’s been since seen by others within the master neighborhood, cruising the streets, and animal control picked up, but now we have the neighborhood skunk living there. ugh! He comes around every now and then and the odor is so strong it will penetrate the walls/closed windows and wake me from a dead sleep. 🙂

  4. The only suburban animals we have in California are the liberal democrats and they are everywhere! They are ruining this once great state!

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