Adult Bookstores And Fitness

Whenever you drive from Saint Louis from Kansas, you start to feel wanted. You get invited for all kinds of things. People want you to come. Come to Jesus, come to Mizzou, come to the Amish, come to adult bookstores… Apparently, Missouri adults read a lot. No children’s books for sale, but lots of philosophy books, popular psychology books and policital books, evidently. I wouldn’t know, because even though miss Missouri knows my love for book stores, I am always denied a little side trip.

Don’t worry, I know what adult book stores really are. I’m not that naive. I just wonder how it applies to other adult areas. In a quiet corner on the beach, I have seen an ad for adult fitness, taking place around 4pm. Now what is adult fitness? Can I safely take my kids to the lake around 4pm or will I be known as the worst parent ever? Is there a bunch of naked old people jumping up and down once a week? Do they read afterwards?

I guess this is super-adult fitness.

I guess this is super-adult fitness.

Sometimes, signs can be amazing, if you read what they’re really saying. Short one, because I can: this sign indicates that burglars are prohibited in the neighborhood.

neighborhood watch

What’s your favorite ambiguous sign?


12 thoughts on “Adult Bookstores And Fitness

  1. I once foolishly typed the words “adult education classes in Cardiff” into my search engine, when I was looking for Welsh language lessons…Welsh and language where probably the only two things it didn’t spew out…who’d have thought there’d be so many people wearing nothing but their birthday suits in cold weather countries like Wales?

      • probably going to sci-fi and fantasy conventions and dressing up as their favourite TV characters – but that’s weird in a good way in my book, as it’s fun and doesn’t harm anyone.

  2. My favorite ambiguous sign is the T-Junction (Intersection). Every time I stop, I wonder, does anyone ever ignore this and drive their car over that curb?

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