Travel Tuesday: Gobble Gobble Gobble (Part I)

This November, I was in Turkey with miss Missouri. As part of this blog deals with various travel tales, let me tell you about my visit to Turkey. We spent four days in Istanbul, two in Antalya and two in Selcuk. Today, let me take you on an (expensive) carpet ride through a city not longer known as Constantinople. Prepare yourselves, this city is huge. According to Wikipedia, it’s Europe’s biggest city (13 million people living there) and I have little reason to doubt them. As you may have noticed, I like to focus on little anecdotes about my travels (but feel free to ask more in the comments), so this part will focus on my experiences in a Turkish bath house.

A place for relaxation and rest, most unlike more western water parks.

After finding our hostel, we went on discovering this city. The chaos in the streets was typical and really added to the overall experience, but the rain drove us into the most relaxing bath house experience of my life. Apart from one moment. I have had massages before, but even I got uncomfortable by the level of touchiness. The guy giving my massage turned me on my back and started to rub my belly (I wish I was kidding). His movements tickled me, so I started laughing, only to see him smile back at me. Here he was, rubbing my abs and smiling at me, his head hovering less than two feet above mine. Not as relaxing as it should have been, I tell you.

Don’t let this picture distract you. The guy rubbing my belly looked nothing like this.

The overall experience was sweaty and relaxing, though. One of my favorite moves included a bowl of lukewarm water that was poured over my head as I sat sweating. I still can’t believe how good it felt. I have to try and find a way to copy that move, because now I still share the experience with the intimacy of a stranger rubbing my belly while staring into my eyes.


9 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Gobble Gobble Gobble (Part I)

  1. Turkey is one my favorite countries, Istanbul by far one of the best travel adventures I’ve ever had.
    The baths are quite an experience and the barber shop was intimidating, the way they touch you, I still feel like I was molested.

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  3. I’ve been to Turkey! My best friend and I went to Istanbul as part of our obligatory High School Graduation Euro-Trip. We took the streetcar to the bazaar. It was fantastic. We bought teacups, apple tea, scarves, baklava, this, that! We shopped ourselves into a frenzy. When we were ready to leave, we actually couldn’t find out way out. Small children and older Turkish men honed in on us, persuading us to buy a fur coat. The nice police officer/security guard helped us find out way out. It was madness!

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