Who Said Anything About Skiing?

One of the trips I had been really excited about was boating. Actually, miss Missouri and I went on two boating trips. One was a cruise on the Mississipi, assuring me that hot summer can be quite breezy when cruising the water, and the other trip was at a lake. I had seen Facebook pictures of miss Missouri’s boating trips and noticed a fair amount of water skiing (or ‘skiing’ as the locals refer to it, whereas I refer to alpine skiing as skiing; cultural and mildly distracting side information: check!).

An artist impression of my first attempt of water skiing.

Her brother went on first. He jumped in the water, picked up the rope and the boat started moving. Sliding across the surface, he performed thirteen saltos, a few screwdrivers, put the rope between his teeth. I’m almost sure he walked on water back to the boat. I thought I’d give it a try. He had made it look so easy, so I just had to copy what he had done. That optimistic thought lasted approximately one second. The second the boat started moving, I lost my balance. The skis never straightened out. I immediately realized what went wrong, so with a few tweaks I’d be crossing the lake.

I thought this would be cool for my third try.

Only I wasn’t. After twelve tries, I lasted for about ten seconds, before I was being dragged through the water again. All together, my actual skiing time might be around 25 seconds. It felt really weird to have to learn something like that. All my movements (walking, running, cycling) are natural now. I’m not used to fall and pick myself up. It was slightly frustrating, but I kept trying. It wasn’t until I got back in the boat that I really felt how tired I was. The twenty five minutes of trying had worn me out. Next summer I’ll have to try again.

Can you ski? Alpine or water?


8 thoughts on “Who Said Anything About Skiing?

  1. Good for you for trying! I’ve never done ANY kind of skiing, and we have all kinds up here in the NorthEast. Incidentally, though, here Alpine skiing is the one referred to as just plain “skiing” also.

    • I bet you don’t have desert skiing, or ‘sandboarding’. Maybe everyone calls alpine skiing the normal skiing, but is the water only left out in the most obvious cases (you know, on a boat). I don’t think my blog would pass an anthropologist’s exam 🙂

      • Would most peoples’? Then again, what’s “passing an anthropologist’s exam”? I would think anthropologists could learn a lot from our blogs. 🙂

        And no, we don’t have desert skiing. Nor have I ever heard of it. It sounds cool! (Or . . . hot, I guess.) TheBro and I and the kids down the street used to go “mud-skiing” when we were little, though. Probably we were using the term “skiing” pretty loosely in that case, however.

      • Mud skiing is desert skiing, I’d say. Just with more water. I’m pretty sure passing an anthropologist’s exam is one of the requirements for a degree in anthropology. But I guess you’re right, maybe I don’t even want to pass it. I’d rather go fast-and-loose on the anthropology here.

      • Cool – I’m a figure skater, so I know all about falling…but I don’t have to worry about avalanches or drowning 🙂 I find snow skiing fascinating to watch – water skiing not so much. Way cool that you tried! 😀

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