My $0.02 On Voting

I don’t know what you’re doing today, but I’m doing something special. I try to never let political issues or opinions feature on this blog, but today I’m breaking my own rule. I’ll excessively show you my political preference and take you to a ballot wonderland. Remember those annoying people that take a photo of their ballot? Take a quick look:

The picture is a bit shaken, because I thought it might be illegal to take a picture. That wasn’t the biggest fear, but I was seriously afraid people would know I’d put it on Twitter (which I did, but I would be ashamed if anyone found out).

That’s the Dutch ballot. Whatever you thought it was, please tell me in the comments. I’ll try and explain why it looks like a Norwegian crossword puzzle. We have about twelve political parties, who fill up the 150 seats in the House of Representatives. By picking a name, you vote for the party that person is with, and if that person would get enough votes on his own, he might actually jump a few places.

This is the result of last September’s elections. Those two parties with 41 and 39 seats are respectively the right-wing party and a moderate left-wing party, who are actually working together now. Normally, parties along the right-left spectrum might try to form a coalition (76 seats at least), but these last elections turned out to be pretty polarizing. If you are ever eligible to vote in the Netherlands, I recommend ChristenUnie. Not only will you be rooting for the underdog, you’d also be voting for the only party that mixes christian values with common sense and pragmatism (not to be confused with trading values FOR pragmatism).

So, are you jealous of our system? 



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