Made In The USA and/or Anywhere Else

One of the things you notice when shopping in an American supermarket, is the tendency to promote domestically made products. A very normal tendency. Home-made products would do good anywhere in the world and I believe that it’s important to support small, individual businesses. So any product that is made within American borders will make sure that you won’t miss out on a great characteristic like that. Sometimes, I feel like they’ve been taking it too far.

That’s a box of peanuts I ate on my way home last month. For those of you who are blind (and reading this blog nevertheless): it says that the product was ‘made with pride in the USA’. I always thought a box of peanuts was one of those products that are made by people lucky to have a job in the first place who might not even speak English. I was wrong. Apparently, those peanuts were packed by real patriots who take pride in serving their country by stuffing small boxes with little nuts. Good thing they told me, of I wouldn’t have tasted the American spirit in them. They were delicious. Another good example was miss Missouri’s shampoo bottle. Every time I was in the shower, I went reading the back of the shampoo bottle. A little disclaimer always caught my eye: ‘made with ingredients from USA and/or other countries’. That is the emptiest message of all time. You can in fact put in on literally everything. In fact, after doing a little research, I found out that 100% of all the products in Dutch supermarkets are made out of ingredients from the USA or other countries. How patriotic is that?


9 thoughts on “Made In The USA and/or Anywhere Else

  1. When the Tweedles were quite little, we had them believing that peanuts grew out of peoples’ ears. (A little slight of hand magic did the trick–you know, the coin behind the ear trick except with a peanut.) We told told them that there were people who stood in fields in Georgia and shook their heads and peanuts would fly out of their ears. (Kinda gives “made in America a whole new twist, doesn’t it?) Of course, it was only a very special person who had peanuts growing out of their ears. It’s one of those perks of having kids-you can screw with their minds. Amazingly, despite the fact that they eventually learned where peanuts REALLY come from, we have surprisingly well adjusted kids.

  2. That last label is as ambigous as anything can get. But becasue of that you will never be wrong and make your client feel as patriotic as ever. I loved the way you presented it, it made me smile. 🙂

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