Travel Tale: Budapest

There might be readers who realize they’re not getting their money’s worth on this blog. After all, in the early days you would get two blog posts a week and some Tuesdays were marked ‘Travel Tuesday’. Then, when it was four months since I had visited Missouri for the last time, it became really hard to think of new things to talk about from quite a distance and I chose quality over quantity. This is technically another Travel Tuesday, but without the promise of another post on Friday. I don’t know why I didn’t just pretended my blog was always like this. I guess I’m just really honest and concerned about my readers.

When miss Missouri and I started dating again, we decided to have a long weekend in Budapest (Hungary) together. As we met in Vienna, Budapest was only two hours or so by train and a nice place to hang out. One of the things we wanted to do, was visit a church together, so Sunday morning came around and we hopped on the urban train to get to church. The international church of Budapest was not in the nicest neighborhood and because I didn’t know exactly where it was, we were at least an hour early. As it was Sunday morning and we didn’t have a real breakfast yet, we decided to find a place to get some coffee.

These pictures of Budapest are homemade, but pretty random. Also, that’s not me in the picture.

Along a big road stood a small cafe. We were happy to find such a place and dove right in. The interior was very similar to a trucker’s cabin and there was a distinctive smell. Two visitors and the lady at the bar greeted us and we ordered coffee. She looked at us, startled, and then grabbed two whiskey glasses. She plugged in the coffee machine and filled it up with water. The two men also present didn’t stop looking at us. They both had a glaze in their eyes that gave away their drink wasn’t tea. One of them had blood coming out a fresh wound on the bridge of his nose. It was awfully quiet. We both drank our coffee as fast as we could and I was ready to leave right away. The weird atmosphere was starting to really freak me out and I figured I’d rather wait for church at the doorstep than in this joint. As miss Missouri finished her coffee, I was about to walk out, only to discover she was ordering another cup. I was more than a little surprised.


18 thoughts on “Travel Tale: Budapest

  1. Hilarious!

    I was going to tell you how much I LOVED Budapest the time I visited. And . . . then I changed my mind. (It probably helped, though, that I was staying there with Hungarians.)

    • Not my style, nor hers. It was our first weekend in months, so it was good to share our faith. That was the best thing about that service. I didn’t mind the rest of it, to be entirely honest.

  2. Haha, it sounds like you walked into a maffia-type situation where someone was being taught a lesson, but then you walked in and the guy doing the beating was sitting on the floor behind the counter, waiting until you left again.

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