Wild Missouri Country Life And The Conquering Of Missouri Wildlife

As some of you may know, August marks a lot of special moments. One of them is the yearly meteor shower. If you’ve never seen one, don’t expect too much of it. The word shower is mostly an exaggeration, but you’ll see more shooting stars than any other times in the year. Also, if you weren’t disappointed by the number of shooting stars, the next day will bring new chances for disappointment as none of your wishes has come true by then. This year, I was invited to watch the meteor shower at a farm, about an hour away from Saint Louis.

This is not a meteor shower, but an artist impression of what you’d see if you were drunk and a famous Dutch painter.

There was more to the farm than dark skies and almost no shooting stars. Miss Missouri and I were kindly treated to a demonstration of herding cattle with dogs, all ingredients for s’mores, hot dogs, a bonfire and good company. One of the things that distinguishes me from the average Missouri visitor, is how I get to places you normally wouldn’t think of. There is something about the countryside (it was, to me) of Missouri that is a unique experience and cannot be found in any of the cities I visited. I also encountered my first Missouri wildlife. Coming from a country where snakes are very rare, the thought of Missourian serpents creeps me out. They are everywhere. Miss Missouri once asked me if I’d be afraid of garden snakes. When I realized she wasn’t talking about garden hoses, I wondered what the difference between garden and non-garden snakes is…

In fact, I don’t even like pictures of snakes, so here’s one of a kid with a balloon.

Nevertheless, while making a bonfire I was bitten by a bug. It hurt quite badly and I could see the bite mark weeks later still. I was relieved it wasn’t a snake that had gotten me, but in the days after the bite everyone was asking me if I was sure I wasn’t bitten by a spider. I have never in my life been afraid of spiders, but it turns out I should add it to my repertoire now. Good thing I’m a city boy man.


11 thoughts on “Wild Missouri Country Life And The Conquering Of Missouri Wildlife

  1. Your blog reminded me of intrepid sleuth Hercule Poirot, who is also at odds with the countryside and its unruly denizens from the animal kingdom…hold on – this sounds like a put down, but it is not! I just prefer brain to brawn. I have no doubt, if Miss Missouri were writing this comment, your snake aversion would remind her of the manly Indiana Jones. You see, there are plenty of celebrities, fictional or otherwise, who don’t like snakes and bugs either.

  2. I’ll take snakes and just about every other critter over mosquitoes any day – and night – of the week. Nothing ruins a night out like a swarm of mosquitoes. Down where I’m at, our mosquitoes seem resistant to any form of repellent, including, I’m sure, DDT were it ever brought back.

    • There’s a theory on how a lack of exposure to snakes can fuel the fear. I notice how everyone in Missouri is so used to snakes, they cannot seem to understand why they’re terribly creepy. I have never seen a snake in the wild, but I’m so used to mosquitoes that they have nothing on me. Thanks for stopping by!

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