Why Americans Don’t Believe Global Warming Is Real

Before I was heading towards the US, I was warned by several people. Whenever I’d say I intended to visit the Midwest in August, they gave me a long stare and a serious warning. Their warnings were about the intense heat. Miss Missouri told me I’d need only one pair of jeans and no long sleeves at all. Also, I’d have to bring a lot of t-shirts, to wear underneath my polo shirts so they’d soak up the sweat and I wouldn’t feel dirty and sweaty all the time. Naturally, she was right. Even missing out on two real heat waves, temperatures are much higher than what I’m used to. All summer long, the numbers float around 100F (40C), breaking an instant sweat the moment you walk out the door. There is just one problem…

You rarely ever do that. I felt suitably prepared after one summer and traveled from rainy Holland to the semi-desert of the Midwest. Wearing nothing but flip flops, a shirt and shorts, I soon realized I had made one mistake in my reasoning. In the outfit I just described, you’ll be cold everywhere, as long as you’re inside. It’s a good 70F (21C) everywhere in the US and the immense heat and big temperature difference makes it hard to stay outside for longer than five minutes, as long as you have a choice. I believe this is the reason Americans (as a stereotype, no angry comments) don’t believe in global warming. It has been 70F as long as they can remember, and no single summer was ever getting warmer. You can almost hear them say, ‘In fact, it’s a little chilly in my car. I could use some global warming’.


4 thoughts on “Why Americans Don’t Believe Global Warming Is Real

  1. Its like day after tomorrow movie. Global warming is good just for movies but in real no one cares. But if anything serious happens may be we are at the verge of End of the world.

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