A few months ago, I was asked by The Exhibition List to write a review on the Saint Louis City Museum. I visited the museum two weeks ago and wrote them a review. Because I think it fits my own blog, too, I’ll simply reblog it. Don’t worry though, I have tons of original and new things lined up.

The Exhibition List

An extra special thank you to our friend Bas over at the enlightening Visiting Missouri blog for his post on the City Museum in St Louis – I’m dying to go there and am very excited to read about!! Congratulations  to Bas on the news he will no longer be ‘visiting Missouri’ as his girlfriend accepted his proposal and  he’s going to move there…

exhibition listIf you’re planning a visit to the Saint Louis City Museum, don’t let the word museum fool you. Even though the City Museum is truly a museum, there is hardly anything you can’t touch and the place is full of kids. Located inside an old shoe factory, this museum is essentially a giant playground disguised as a maze. No two routes through the museum are alike, as the path you go is determined by physical appearance, flexibility and how easy you can find the kid inside…

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  1. Sorry for long absence to your excellent blog – work got in the way. What a great museum and you seem to have had a splendid day out…what’s this, you’re going to be a permanent Missouri resident? Congratulations on being assimilated by the “Great Unknown” that Missouri was for you at the beginning.

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