Further Engaging In Missouri

Even though my travels to Missouri have everything to do with my girlfriend, I rarely mention her. Today, that’s a whole different story. As you’ve probably seen from the countdown on this blog, I arrived in Missouri last Monday. Or at least, that’s what miss Missouri thought. In reality, my plane landed Thursday night on Saint Louis International, where I was picked up by one of her co-workers. I stayed the night at another co-worker’s house and sneaked into her apartment right after she left for work.

It’s a fifteen-minute walk from her apartment to where she works, so I walked over to her car and attached a note to her door. She was sent over to Starbucks, where a new note directed her to the florist around the corner. The florist gave her a rose and a card, asking her to come home. Of course, that’s where I was nervously waiting from behind the door, surprising her as she walked in. For some reason, the handwritten notes weren’t even enough to convince her I was in the country, so she was more than a little surprised. Before the shock-and-awe had worn out, I led her to her bed and seated her down. I got down on one knee, smoothly got the little black box from under the bed and posed the question.

As she agreed to marry me, this next year will be the last of me visiting Missouri. I’m about to go and live here, so that’s exciting. For next week, I’ll just turn back to the more regular updates (in case you were worried) and because every girl has been wondering what the ring looks like ever since she read the word ‘engaging’  in the title:


43 thoughts on “Further Engaging In Missouri

    • Actually, her roommate made sure she had her nails done before I came in (by faking a Friday wedding). I didn’t understand the fuss, but now that everyone’s looking at her hands, I have to say that it was a fine move. And thanks!

    • Thanks! I realized how I left out the most fun part: the roommate’s wedding that wasn’t happening, her friends that weren’t coming over for the weekend… Her world view was absolutely shattered.

  1. This is the cutest thing ever!! And to think you’re officially going to be a “Missourian” now! Are you going to miss Holland? I know since being back I already miss the relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

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