Ironic Leather Jackets And Bluntness In New York

It is said how the Dutch are not afraid to speak their mind, are uncomparably straight-forward and always have something to say. I don’t know who said this, but I’d sure like to meet him and tell him exactly what I think of his crazy ideas. Don’t get the image I’m walking around giving unwanted opinions to total strangers, but there have been times where I noticed I was a little more blunt than people were expecting. One of those times was when I was shopping in New York City with my dad.

This should be what you get when you google ‘ironic leather jacket’. It’s not. Yet…

Before we left, I figured I didn’t need a coat. The rain, wind and low temperatures upon arrival proved me wrong, so we needed to go buy a coat. Of course, being European, one can only respect those Americans that are the least fashionable, because the choice in clothing can be horrifying (if you don’t know what I mean: remember that picture of white tennis shoes in a hunting store?). While looking for a coat, we came across a store that sold only leather jackets. After trying on about two of those, I realized I should only wear leather jackets to appear very ironic. I told the man that was looking for my next try I “didn’t like the leather all that much.” He looked at me, then around the store and decided to (rightly) refuse service from here on.


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