That Museum For Kids And Fun Adults

Saint Louis was never on top of my list of places to go visit. If I were to cross the pond, I’d visit New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Miami, Boston… Missouri was never in there. Before I went there, miss Missouri would tell me all the stuff one can do in Saint Louis. After the first point, seeing the Cardinals, there was a long pause. It seemed like my gut feeling was right. Turns out, things aren’t all that bad. There’s not a day I spent in Saint Louis without something to do. Escpecially Forest Park seems stuffed with entertainment, one of them being the Science Center.

Energizer Ball Machine. Like that’s even a thing. Picture happily stolen from Wikipedia.

The Science Center is a lot of fun for kids. You can build bridges of giant building blocks, find out how earthquakes work, pretend you’re a dinosaur and get epileptic from the biggest Energizer Ball Machine (official name) you’ll ever see. I still don’t know what it’s good for. When we went there, schools had just started, so miss Missouri and I took the liberty of actually building the bridge, find out how earthquakes work and half of us even pretented to be a dinosaur. The best part of the museum as a whole, was that it’s free. Not just because I like free stuff, but also because for kids, it’s a really fun way to get a grib on the world around them. Amsterdam has a museum just like that, but that one costs E13,50 per person. That’s quite a difference for two museums that are pretty comparible.

What’s the best museum ever?

I’m visiting Missouri again in August. You’re welcome to provide tips in these comments. 


6 thoughts on “That Museum For Kids And Fun Adults

  1. If you think that’s fun, next time you’re here, go to The City Museum. It’s not free, but it’s a blast and a half.

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