Wait, What Do I Tip My Readers?

I recently started a new job, in which I cycle around town to deliver pharmaceutical supplies for those who can’t come to the pharmacy themselves. With my third address, the old lady that received my delivery gave me a tip. It might have been the first time ever I was tipped. As I mentioned before, tipping isn’t that customary in the Netherlands. I only tip the pizza delivery guy and the taxi driver; all drinks are rounded up. Now that I think of it, I should stop tipping them as well. Immediately, I was reminded of all those times in the States and one time in particular.

I had just spent two months getting used to tipping the American way. In every amount I was spending, I was adding taxes and a decent tip in my head. I had grown so accustomed to it, I was doing it regardless of where I went. So at some point at Chicago airport, I bought a small bag of pretzels (it was something else, because miss Missouri packed my bag as I were crossing the desert on a big wheel, but for the sake of argument, pretzels will do). I paid and then it got awkward. I didn’t know if I was supposed to tip her or not. If I had to, she might have gotten upset over me not tipping. If I shouldn´t, I might offend her. I chose upsetting over offending her and ended up not tipping.

Who do you normally tip?

What would you tip me (pharmacy wise)?



17 thoughts on “Wait, What Do I Tip My Readers?

  1. I hate tipping. It is awkward for us Americans as well! I tip in restaurants and my hairdresser. I do not tip in fast food places. On the rare occasion I get a pizza delivered I tip that person as well. I also throw money in the tip jars at places that have them our such as Starbucks and restaurants that are better than fast food but not quite the “sit down” kinds of places. Congrats on the new job! At least you are out in the fresh air and exercising at the same time!!!

  2. Well done for getting away from selling sticky mats to making deliveries for a living. What to tip, it’s a difficult question but I usually tip based on the “delivery”: did the food arrive at the table with a smile? Did the delivery person try to chat me up in a most inappropriate manner? Did the waiter/waitress stick a thumb into my food? Did the cab driver help me with my oversized suitcase containing a body?

    I’d most certainly give you a tip, if you turned up in Wales to deliver my drugs, just for braving the journey! Although, should you really be selling drugs to old people?.

  3. We don’t tip for anything in Australia. You can’t even directly tip waitresses usually. It all goes to the restaurant. I recently went on holiday to Africa, specifically South Africa and Zimbabwe. Now in SA, they needed tips for EVERYTHING! I even tipped a woman for pointing to the soap in a public bathroom. I didn’t even consider it. She actually stopped me as I walked out and asked!

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