Hooray For Stereotypes!

I love me some stereotypes. I know they don’t represent every person as the unique human being they are, but I find it a useful way to view my world. Luckily for me, television shows and movies told me a lot about American stereotypes. One of the stereotypes that are hard to be found here in the Netherlands, is the hillbilly. Of course, this makes encountering one all the more intriguing. Even though I might like meeting people that meet a lot of the requirements for a certain stereotype, I rarely go out and find them.

If you can read, you’ll never be offended by this blog post.

It was when miss Missouri and I went for a weekend trip to Hermann that I encountered the first set of hillbillies ever. Maybe I had met one before, but this was the first time all the boxes could be checked. I don’t have a driver’s license, but have no signs of motion sickness, so when on a road trip, I regurarly read to miss Missouri. This time however, we had forgotten our book. We stopped for gas and I went along the convenience store in search for a magazine. From behind the counter, a huge lady filled half the store. Her two teeth seemed more in line than her eyes and the gallon of coke that was on the counter clearly belonged to her. There was no magazine to be found. The only thing to read, was the free shopper (and so I did). I still wonder if the lack of magazines was a choice or a result of the owner’s incapability to read.

Any guesses?

What’s your favorite magazine?


4 thoughts on “Hooray For Stereotypes!

  1. I don’t know why, but I don’t like magazines. If there was nothing on the planet to read, then I would more than likely give it my time. Crazy, I know.

    I started laughing as soon as I read: Her two teeth seemed more in line than her eyes… Oh my…

  2. perhaps therre had been a run on magazines that day and she’d sold out…hehe…not likely. Don’t really have a fav magazine…I used to work in magazine publishing and it’s put me off for life, I think.

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