Friday Food Videoblog: 3 Musketeers

Yes, that’s why there wasn’t a new post on Tuesday. As I explained, trying new foods is one of the most evident ways of being in a new culture. This also means that the cash registre is a killer, for they lay out all the new, small candy bars for me to try out (and to get you all obese, that thing I had was half a meal). I like Milky Ways, so I tried a Milky Way, only to find out it wasn’t what I expected. When I explained this to miss Missouri and told her what I did expect, she told me to get a 3 Musketeers instead. I have waited for months to try it, so here’s to hoping it’s still in one piece.

I did it in one take and just realized for the first time I have a speech impairment concerning the ‘s’. I never heard myself have one in Dutch, so I hope I can get that out of my system…

What’s your favorite candy bar?


9 thoughts on “Friday Food Videoblog: 3 Musketeers

  1. How long was that Three Musketeers bar sitting around waiting for you to eat it? That one is my favorite, aside from Dove Dark Chocolate, of course.

  2. I’ve always loved coconut, so Bounty chocolate bars have always been my favourite. Didn’t notice your speech impairment, it’s probably just 3 Musketeers tripping you up.

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