Do They Have Internet In Europe? Part III

Final part today. It is a topic that I may reflect on later too, but for now this series is over. I want to end this by translating a piece of newspaper for you. One of the national papers has a segment that allows people to send in their short anecdotes. It’s one of those anecdotes that is a perfect way to illustrate what part I and part II have tried to tell you. Remember you can ask me anything, clearly the man in the short story failed to ask a lot of questions.

I sit across from an American couple in the train from Utrecht to Rotterdam. After a while, they spot the first windmill. “Look honey”, the man says and he starts explaining how everyone in Holland used to live in windmills just a few years ago.

Almost in Rotterdam, the train slows down and passes a communal garden. An old man is enjoying his neat garden and the small garden shed in it. “Look honey”, the man says, “these are the slums of Rotterdam! How sad, such an old man.”

This is where we keep our old people.

What kind of windmill do you live in?


13 thoughts on “Do They Have Internet In Europe? Part III

  1. Ah well, the American ignoramus strikes again…I don’t live in a windmill or garden shed…I wear leather shorts, a goaty beard and yodl all day from a snow-capped mountain top. Oh, and I live in a wooden chalet with red geraniums dangling off the balcony:)

  2. Haha!
    I’ll bet I saw that same windmill on that same train route. My hosts were a Dutch/Costa Rican couple, though, so I suspect I got a little more accurate information . . . 🙂

  3. Consider the possibility that (a) the anecdote was a fabrication, or (b) the people were just sharing some private (very dry) humor.

  4. I knew it! Volkstuintjes is where the Dutch keep their old people, before they get euthanized in those cute little garden sheds. So sad. Time to invade.

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