Friday Food Videoblog: Cereal

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. It’s the perfect place to get a kick start for all the time ahead of you. Luckily, Americans can choose between a lot of different types of cereal to get their important nutritions like vitamin A, B, C and D, fiber and whole grain (and sugar, most of it is sugar). Because apparently, having fruit for breakfast is a boring way to get those vitamins. To find out which kind of cereal I like best and which one I want to have when visiting Missouri, I bought eight small boxes with various types. My biggest conclusion is that I don’t care for either one of them, but you should definately check out the video that comes with it.

What’s your favorite cereal?

What do you have for breakfast?


9 thoughts on “Friday Food Videoblog: Cereal

  1. Your video made me laugh. . . especially because I don’t really care for any of the cereals you tried (oh, and fruit loops I ate ALL the time as a kid. . . that and Lucky Charms). My favorite cereal still today are Coco Pebbles. They’re kinda like your Coco Crispies (in that they’re really small) but they have such a more distinct and delicious chocolatey taste. Also, if you like Reese Peanut Butter cups, they make it in the cereal form of Reese’s. And that is really good as well.

    • Remember how the whole world loves football (soccer) except for the Americans? Reese’s is the other way around. I wanted to do a video on Reese’s, but I gave it to someone who does like it. Glad it made you laugh though 🙂

  2. All boxed cereals are far too sweet for me. The only reason I know is my grandkids eat a variety of them and do a kind of commercial for me. “You have to try this, grandma. It’s delicious.” Ugh. No.

    Usually I have regular corn flakes with blueberries or strawberries. If I couldn’t have that I would go for Cherrios, the original one.

    Thanks for being the guinea pig for all those other folks who need to know.

  3. Just like you I detest all those overly sweet cereals. Give me good old-fashioned porridge any time…followed by some fruit. Besides, I live in Wales, where it’s cold for most of the year. There’s nothing like porridge in the morning to melt the “frosticals” off your nose.

  4. I actually like Frosted Flakes! But I can completely understand why someone who has not grown up in the Land of Sugar, I mean the United States, would find them too sweet. I usually have a couple pieces of buttered toast (using a nice whole grain bread) and some milk for breakfast. I loved the video but can not imagine eating five bowls of cereal!!!!

    • Having the five bowls had its effect two hours later. I’m not used to that amount of sugar (even though it’s easy to get here too, although I notice veggies are definitely cheaper here). Apparently my audience has a similar feeling for breakfast as I do.

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