Dear Americans, Let Me Tell You About Politics

Don’t worry, the title was mostly just to catch your attention (because politics is so sexy). With the current Republican debates, caucuses and I know what, I believe it is time for me to tell you how American politics are viewed outside of the US. First of all, we’re all watching. People I know (granted, all in college) can name at least the two most important runners for the Republican nomination and most of them can voice well-founded opinions about them. I don’t know why, but American politics may be the sexiest in the world. First of all, they might be the most important in today’s world. Also, they’re being well-covered. But most importantly: it’s fantastic entertainment. The slip ups are ever-present and the two-party system seems to force people into fighting over lies such as Dutch people being killed in nursing homes.

'In Holland, they even euthanize aborted babies. True story.'

So, all these things together make for great fun following the American political news. It’s better than the Dutch news, which is either boring or annoying. Wait, maybe that’s not true. Maybe it’s the impact American politics have, paired with more interesting people. Whatever it is, I cannot wait for October and November when Mitt Romney will somehow have to combine Newt Gingrich’s charisma, Ron Paul’s elderly wisdom and Santorum’s conservative views with his own unique style. Yes, I’m looking forward to it. So much.


9 thoughts on “Dear Americans, Let Me Tell You About Politics

  1. Having worked with lots of Americans in the past, I eventually came to the conclusion that, as a nation, they’re all completely bonkers! What could be more entertaining than seeing people who are just like Nixon, Bush x 2 or R Reagan make a fool of themselves…except for Sarah Palin, who takes the biscuit when it comes to being bonkers. Enjoy it while you can, cause one day that mad woman is probably going to be the one who pushes the red button and goes “whoops”.

  2. This year’s Republican primary is particularly entertaining. Those gentlemen are fighting like dogs over a bone, and all to determine which one of them gets to lose to Barack Obama.

  3. I’m not from the U.S and you’re absolutely right about the enternment aspect of the Presidential elections. Sometimes, it even gets TOO mind boggling and I have to take a break. Over stimulation.

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