Friday Food Videoblog

Yes, how great would that have been, if video were only spelled with an F. Unfortunately it’s not. You’ll have to do with FFV. Apparently, that abreviation is already in use as well. You’ll have to do with Friday Food Videoblog somehow. They idea is pretty simple. Whenever I’m visiting Missouri, I get a lot of food questions. Specifically in Saint Louis, people ask me whether I’ve had Emo’s pizza, toasted ravioli and all other sorts of food. Some of them are not that exclusively American, but others are. To create a way in which you all can force me to eat weird, American food while having the pleasure of seeing my actual reaction, I invented this Friday Food Videoblog. Luckily for you, I have selected my first pick of food already, so you wouldn’t be waiting until one of you came up with something.

Today, I will be tasting one of the most famous snacks (which basically means I had heard of it before): Pop Tarts. The Frosted s’mores edition. Below, you can see the video of what happens when I eat Pop Tarts. I have copied a popular video blog form cutting the raw material into rough pieces. Also, I’m eating, but that shouldn’t really come as a suprise.

Is there anything you can think of I should eat?

I am trying this out still, so I’m open for feedback. Shoot!


12 thoughts on “Friday Food Videoblog

      • Be careful with anything containing dairy products – food poisoning is horrible and can take some time to get over. How about other American breakfast stuff…pancakes with maple syrup or lemon and sugar is usually very nice?

      • I will look out, but a little food poisoning would spice up this blog a bit, don’t you think? On second thought, there’s probably a recipe for gooey butter cake somewhere. I can try the American pancakes after (maybe compare them with Dutch ones). Thanks for thinking along!

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