Flag Madness: Why I Envy The French

Ahhh. Have we been waiting for this moment or what? I am back. It feels like I’m back in the normal world after last week, but days fly by nonetheless. I have been staring at an American flag all week, so I though about Missouri a lot. The Stars and Stripes is no stranger to me, because in Missouri, that flag is everywhere. You cannot drive five minutes without spotting a flag waving in the wind, decorating a bumper sticker or used to pump up some advertisements.

That’s a little difference from what I’m used to. No worries, we have a flag, but it’s not out there all the time. National holidays are naturally days when you can spot them anywhere, but I cannot think of one permanent flag within a 2 km radius. This can cause problems in some relationships, as I noticed the Missouri flag. It reminded me of another flag. See if you can spot the similarities too.

The official Missouri State flag.

It's not a magic 'make the seal dissapear' trick, but the Dutch flag.

I was wondering whether miss Missouri could see what I meant, so I asked her what the Missouri State flag reminded her of. Her answer? The French flag in a 90 degree angle.

Which one do you like better?

What is your favorite flag in the world?



3 thoughts on “Flag Madness: Why I Envy The French

  1. If I was to pick between the two here, I would pick the Missouri flag. It has more pizzaz. The second one looks like a nice background for something missing. Answer your question? Are you giving out gold stars for the right answer?

    • Don’t you think the bears are merely distracting from the bold, strong stripes in red, white and blue? Well, no gold stars, but I won’t give you any less points for picking the ‘wrong’ one ;-). What would your favorite in the world be?

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