Advertising gone cynical

I’ve told you how I’m working this week, so I don’t have any time to write a proper post (also, I ran out of January back-ups). Instead, I’d like to post a picture that to me was very cynical. Seen outside a grocery store.


9 thoughts on “Advertising gone cynical

  1. Since you’ve been pushing me, I’ve subscribed to your blog. Curiously, this will cost you about 20 unique hits every tuesday and friday that your entry is any later than noon. But hey, it’s not my blog and I ain’t the one counting his visitors! 😉


    • For the record: I never literally pushed this man. I merely pointed out (every week) how a subscription is very neat, as one can know exactly when my posts are going online. Welcome aboard 🙂

  2. How sad. I can just imagine the person who put up the “Get your spot” poster thought it was a brilliant joke. The family and friends of the girl must be disgusted with this every time they walk past it.

      • Why not go one further? “Buy your child slaves at Paedos R Us”…or slightly less tasteless and offensive…”This wouldn’t have happened, if you’d fitted the brat with our electronic tagging advice STAYPUT, available at USD 49.99 from all good online retailers”

  3. That poor missing girl has been missing forever… I’m curious as to the grocery store you were at? (I’m thinking it was Schnucks? Because that’s where her posters regularly appear on benches).

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