Shopping the Married Way: Are You Sure You’ll Use This?

Many people ask me if it’s not expensive to be visiting Missouri all the time. Well, it would be, but unfortunately I don’t fly there ‘all the time’. Even the few times I do, yes, it can be quite costly. So what does one do? Work. That’s what I’ll be telling you about, because this week I’m working at the Amsterdam Boat Show, the HISWA. While most people on the fair sell boats, I’m limited to boat accessories. More detailed: I sell anti-slip mats. Remember those informercials on tv selling stuff that seemed to work to well? Yup, that’s my thing. It does work, actually, but many people either don’t believe it, or use it the wrong way. Maybe we should go American-size disclaimer, because I keep explaining to people how the brochure clearly states you cannot use it on the dashboard of your car.

"Mike, are you crazy? Your laptop will fall down!" - "Don't worry John, I'm using Bas's anti-slip mats. They're that good!" - "That's amazing. For such a low price!"

The funniest thing about selling the stuff, however, is couples that walk by. Every couple has a wired balance when it comes to shopping. One of them will stop to inspect our amazing product. The other will make a move as if they were walking on, but then stops to annoyingly wait for the inspection to be over. When a woman starts asking me questions, the man will join the conversation and either start playing down the use of the product (“These are controlled conditions darling, it doesn’t work like that in real life.”) or complaining about the shopping need of his wife (“It may not be expensive, but not buying it is cheaper. Let’s go.”) You’d think all my problems would be solved when a man gets enthusiastic about the great potential my anti-slip mat has, but in those cases, he is corrected by his wife (“Are you sure you’ll use it? Remember the race bike in our garage you haven’t touched in years?”). I think it’s really funny how this always balances out, either way.

If you’re half of a couple, what role do you play?

Are you very disappointed I didn’t do a normal Missouri blog?


9 thoughts on “Shopping the Married Way: Are You Sure You’ll Use This?

  1. Oh, I’m definitely the “do we really need this” member of my marriage. That being said. . . . those are some really impressive-looking anti-slip mats! If you can justify me buying one even though I don’t own a boat, you may have a sale. I’ll put my laptop on it at precarious angles just for kicks.

    • It is actually a good product, but made only by the German company I work for (so pretty much unknown, which raises the suspicion). It works anywhere the sun doesn’t harden the rubber. A lot of people use it in their cabinets for caravans, motorhomes or to prevent the stuff you have laying around in the trunk of your car from slipping around. If you have a situation in mind, I can always advice on whether to buy it or not. When it doesn’t make sense, I tell people not to, don’t worry.

  2. You know what? Since you’re the first to enquire AND seem interested, I’ll send you a free sample along with the website (in case you’d want to order more). Send me your physical address at basboshuizen (@) and I’ll mail it to you.

    • Score! I am contractually obligated to never turn down free stuff! Don’t ask who the contract is with – I’m contractually prevented from providing that information.

      The email will be coming from “”.

  3. Sadly, I’m not one half of a couple, but your observations tie in with my own, when – many, many years ago – I worked for a kitchen manufacturer and had to sell kitchens in their posh showrooms. While male shoppers were seemingly obsessed with kitchen appliances – even though some were hard pressed to tell a microwave oven from a washing machine – women were far more interested in the decor…will it look pretty in our home? Few couples ever agreed on anything with regard to its practical usage in every day life. Loved your blog and am not disappointed. Hope you sell lots of mats though – that’ll mean more observations from Missouri for us!

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