Hockey: Hard To Bore You

Last summer, I had my first encounter with American sports. This winter, I took an ice-cold approach to another sport: hockey, or ice hockey, as some call it. I had never seen a hockey game before. I did play NHL ’99 when it was cool (in 1999, if some of you were wondering), but I never got any of the rules and wasn’t ever really interested. Going to a game did get me excited, however. Through watching television series and movies I knew hockey wasn’t all about getting the puck into the goal. It’s also about the body checks, fights and the organ playing well-known melodies to roar up the crowd. Because, as I had seen, American crowds need to be roared-up.

We had decent seats. Wait, that’s an understatement. We were right above the cameras, giving us the perfect view. Whoever thought of playing with a puck that small must have been drunk, because half the time I did not know what was going on. I just cheered and chanted along with all the potential injuries and the one goal that was scored. What caught my eye was the pace of the game. When it’s flowing, things go really fast. When it’s not, there’s a break every twenty seconds. And Americans don’t like football (soccer) because nothing ever happens. Again, you’re never bored. The entertainment in between periods is ever present, varying from five years olds skating (awwwww) to pick-up trucks ruling the ice. Things keep being interesting.

What’s your favorite sport? 

What else do you think would be adorable to see five-year olds do?


10 thoughts on “Hockey: Hard To Bore You

  1. I’m Candian and we’re all about hockey. Wait. Not me. When I was a kid everytime I went to the icerink the boys were playing HOCKEY. First is was the five-year-olds, then the young teens then the older ones. I’ve been traumatized by hockey (tee hee).

  2. I like swimming, cycling and hiking…also in moderation. What else could five-year-old Americans do to make me go awww = NOT eat fifty-five pancakes for breakfast to make them go HUGE by the time they’re eight. Actually, ballet dancing is increadibly cute for little ones to do. Very athletic, too.

    Sorry to hear you’re terrified of snakes by the way. What can I say, Willow the Vampire likes to live dangerously.

      • I once volunteered to pick up my friends 4-year-old daughter from ballet – when the doors to the studio opened, 25 screaming little girls with blonde pigtails wearing pink tutus streamed out…and I got into a panic because at first I didn’t know, which one of them was my friend’s little girl…they all looked alike. Would be just my luck to walk off with the wrong kid and get arrested.

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