“Honey, We’re Out Of Shotguns Again!”

O, don’t you just hate that? You grab a package of cereal, ready to have breakfast the American way, only to find out somebody has used all of it and put back the empty package. Now with cereal, you can easily switch plans. You take a sandwich and then decorate it with all the lunchmeat you can find in your fridge. But what if you cannot switch plans? What if you were going for 12 Gauge shotgun shells and find an empty case? Where in the world would you buy new ammo?

I have been looking for the Blue-Ray version of 'Bambi' eversince.

Well, Bass Pro Shop that is (I am not being sponsored, but dear people of BPS, if you read this, I would be interested)! Not only named after the fish most commonly mistaken for my first name, but also the place to go for all your outdoor needs. When I say outdoor needs, I mean stuff to kill animals (fish, ducks and deer mainly). Barely any raincoats to be found, but a wide array of fishing rods, fake duck helmets, crossbows, boats and of course guns. I had seen guns before and people in the Netherlands go fishing as well, but the outdoor atmosphere of BPS was really something else. A few things baffled me:

  1. Guns and ammunition. I know it’s out there, I was prepared for it and it looks pretty cool, but it still is a whole different world to me.
  2. A fake duck helmet will cost you about $120. In my world, that’s a lot.
  3. If you go and buy hunting clothing, apparently white tennis shoes are still an option.

Only in America...

Thanks to NancyP for her cultural assignment. I liked your suggestions.

What is your favorite thing to buy at BPS (or a similar store)?


7 thoughts on ““Honey, We’re Out Of Shotguns Again!”

  1. In my neck of the woods, our store is Gander Mountain. Basically the same as BPS, but with a LOT more handguns. Because sometimes, the prey you’re hunting. . . is man. . .

    (Should be their new slogan!)

  2. I, for one, couldn’t afford to shop there. Anyway, I’m from Canada and even though they’re going to scrap gun registry, I don’t like guns. They make a lot of noise and then there’s that powder smell afterwards . . .

    • I didn’t shop there. I will just make my own fake duck. The ones that cost $120 were very detailed. By the time a real duck starts seeing the difference, I thought it would be the idea to have shot him. Then again, I’m not the expert. The reasons you just named are the same reasons my mom doesn’t like fireworks 🙂

  3. I feel like I just need to state that BPS doesn’t only exist in America…it’s in Canada too. I went for the first (and only time) 2 years ago and I was completely overwhelmed and felt so out of place. Everyone looked at me funnily…probably because I didn’t have a fishing rod in my hand nor a Rapala lure in the other.

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