Tuesday Travel Blog: Visiting California

When I came to visit Missouri, I first went to California. That may sound like a detour (granted, it is), but Missouri really is the closest I ever get to the family that’s living there. Also, it helped me ease into the US of A, as California is very, very normal. Wait, that last part is not true. Watching my cousin performing excellent in a play, I was being stalked by two iguanas, that belonged to the woman sitting next to me. Also, the iguanas might have been wearing princess accesoires. I have seen more differences between the Midwest and California, besides the weather.

First of all, the amount of Toyota Priuses is a lot bigger on the west coast than in the Midwest. You may think I’m stating the obvious, but there’s really a different type of car around. I am told half of all cars in Missouri is the size of a pick-up truck and although I never counted any, I cannot help but see it could be true. California has big cars and pick-up trucks alright, but the overall feel of the highway is pretty different. I wasn’t around for long enough to get a full impression of the people there, but there absolutely is a vibe around California that Missouri doesn’t have. One of the reasons the tagline of this blog names Missouri as the ‘real America’, is that I never got that feeling in California. It just isn’t. It did have awesome weather though, unlike Missouri. I’ll be back one day, but Missouri is on top of the list.

Have you ever imagined dressing up an iguana as a princess?

What do you think are the odds of such a iguana turning into a princess as soon as I kiss it?


14 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel Blog: Visiting California

  1. Hilarious.

    There’s a lot of America. When I went from living in London for half a decade back to the place of my upbringing in New England, it wasn’t that big of an adjustment . . . but when I went to Colorado six months later, I couldn’t bear the enormous cars and the amount of beef everybody ate.

    I’ve probably acclimatised now . . . but I still couldn’t stay in Colorado.

  2. One of the reasons so many people drive big cars in some regions is because you don’t want to be the only one completely crushed in an accident. It’s a relief in California that you could drive a small car and not fear being squashed by a truck or an SUV because everyone has a small car.

    • Understandable. The tougher conditions that can occur in the Midwest also appear to be a reason. It does give a different feel when driving around in either state. I loved having a traffic jam in Los Angeles. It’s just when in Rome… Thanks for commenting!

  3. Good post. Princess Iguanas, not my style. But it’s hard to say that California “is” or “isn’t” the USA. Quite a lot of variety there. It’s certainly not all Hollywood and Malibu. San Diego is different. The mountains, deserts, small towns, farms, coastal (but non-surfing) communities… cultures within cultures. And all bankrupt, besides!

      • San Diego itself has a rich complexity (within 15 miles go from surfer to malls to suburbs to yards with horses; go a little further for mountains and snow and down the other side for desert!) If you manage to get out there someday, we’ll show you around!

        And thanks for following by blog, by the way.

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