Having Visited Missouri, I’ll be back!

Remember last time I was mid-air, wrote you a blog post and scheduled it in February? Yeah, that was fun (wait, no). Well, surprise! I’m mid-air right now heading back from Saint Louis, Missouri to Leiden, The Netherlands. I’ll be talking about my arrival and the culture shock on Friday probably, just like I did last time. While visiting Missouri, I have prepared a lot of exciting things to do and show for the coming months, one of them will be introduced in a bit. As I was the only one liking my monthly recaps, I have decided to replace them for a video blog once a while. Hope you’re as excited as I am. At least you’ll get to hear my funny accent.

It’s weird to go back. I have tried to take a lot more pictures than I did last summer, I’ll try to capture my adventures in my coming blog posts, but I cannot describe in either of them the feeling I get when I’m driving on the highway and a semi-truck passes me, painted in all kinds of colors. The way Walmart feels at midnight if you’re used to grocery shops that close at 9pm. How people wonder whether my shoes are comfortable, because all they normally wear is white tennis shoes. The fact that you cannot drive for five minutes or more without seeing an American flag SOMEWHERE. Billboards that scream political messages that make you feel utterly uncomfortable. Signs telling you to leave your gun in the car. How Starbucks employees cannot pronounce my first name right, but keep trying. How people here want to hear from you, even if they see you for just for a few minutes. I’d suggest trying all the differences for yourself. Send me an email when you’re coming over and I’ll show you around. Until August, I’ll be happily blogging along. See you on Friday, folks!

Help me schedule next August: what should I be doing?

Also, I have taken the bold step of creating a Facebook page. You can express your likes by channeling them into the button on your right. Please.


6 thoughts on “Having Visited Missouri, I’ll be back!

  1. Okay so you’re heading back to the Netherlands, and then will be returning to Missouri in the summer? I’m confused?

    Signs telling you to leave your gun in the car? I don’t think I’ve ever come across one of those…then again, I live in Southern California and we’re not known to be openly carring around firearms. (unless they are gang bangers walking around with heavy winter trench coats during the summer time- you just know they are hiding their pieces.) 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA

    • I see how you can be confused, but you’re right. I just went back home yesterday and plan to visit Missouri again in the summer. I don’t know how many people are actually carrying a gun, but a lot of stores indeed have those signs.

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