Because Missouri Has Small Towns Too

If you have read my blog more than once, you might have noticed how ‘visiting Missouri’ does not mean I drive through the whole state. For those of you who are celebrity spotters, when I am visiting Missouri, I will most likely be around Saint Louis. I do know, however, that rural Missouri has its own perks. Every time I get out of the city and off the highway, I notice myself take picture after picture, because the Missouri landscape is plain beautiful once you get off that highway. One of the smaller towns I visited, was Hermann. In many ways, it was different from what I’m used to.

Market Street, aka Main Street

First of all, the size of the town was different (as is often the case when talking about ‘smaller towns’). Highway 19 changes into main street (Market street, in this case) and is crossed by 1st to 12th street. What I quickly learned, is that a smaller town comes with even more pick-up trucks than a normal Missouri highway. Which is quite an accomplishment. The people had more beards, less sense of fashion and were overall nice. Sometimes exhaustingly chatty, but always nice. I had lunch in a Saucage House that, in line with the German heritage of the town, made and sold Bratwursts. Also, if you shot a deer but weren’t man enough to skin it, they did that too. The lady who owned the place showed us around, having us taste every single type of Bratwurst they sold. There was one type introduced with the words: ‘It tastes like pepperoni pizza, without the crust.’ Those who know me (or even met me once) will recognize that’s a phrase that will want me to marry you.

2nd Street. Now multiply by 12 and there's all of Hermann.

The small town was fun to walk around in, although there wasn’t really much to do besides the wineries. Getting a feel of the realer Missouri was pretty special, and although I cannot imagine myself living in a town that is half trailerpark (we weren’t sure, but I don’t want to live in a house where people are guessing whether it’s a trailer or not) and half bad roads. There is a unique feel to those towns and it is lots of fun to stroll their streets.

Now that's a cute place to live. Or, you know, somewhere else.

What’s the biggest stereotype I could’ve thrown in there?

What kind of town do you live in?


17 thoughts on “Because Missouri Has Small Towns Too

  1. See, that’s the thing– I have lived here my whole life and have not been to Hermann, MO. It always takes someone from “away” to show you what you have in your own backyard. However, if you in any way enjoy hiking or a nice walk in the woods, I can recommend a lot of nice day hikes around these parts! Missouri has a lot of beautiful backcountry, believe it or not! 😉

  2. Book: “60 Hikes within 60 Miles of St. Louis” Available at outdoors shops (REI and Alpine Shop), Missouri Botanical Garden gift shop, and the few independent bookstores left standing in St. Louis.

    Nature opportunity, Feb. and Mar.: go driving up the Mississippi River scenic road or to one of the parks mentioned in the aforementioned book, and view some bald eagles. The eagles like to hang out just downstream of locks/dams, because the fish going over or under the dam gates are stunned stupid for a few minutes afterward. The dam gates’ current is circular, and the fish must feel as if they were in the spin cycle of a washing machine.

    Cultural trip assignment: 1. Visit either Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s, hunting and fishing outfitters 2. Visit a “Christian bookstore” (the Episcopal Cathedral bookshop doesn’t count).

    • Have you commented here before? According to the approval needed, you didn’t, but you either read my mind or a lot of posts. I was about to go to the Bass Pro Shop on MLK day, but now I rescheduled it for tomorrow. If I make it, you’ll certainly read about it here. Many, many thanks for the great tips, I really enjoyed your ideas. I’m leaving in a few days, so besides the Bass Pro Shop I’ll have to list the rest for later, but thank you!

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  4. MORE tips? You’re all about tips these days, aren’t you? 🙂

    You should drive out to Indiana and visit the children’s museum in Indianapolis. That one’s pretty great.

  5. Wow, I love your blog! Randomly found it on a Google search…I agree about Missouri, a great place to visit. I blog about the Midwest, and especially Missouri, so check-out my blog for lots of ideas.

    St. Louis is my hometown, and I’d agree the fact all the museums are free is a huge plus. The Science Center needs a major redo though, and their new president I think is working on turning things around (they had some management scandels recently). And that ball machine…no one knows its purpose!

    When you come back in August, be sure to check-out the Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It is here until August 16th, and it is the first & only visit to the USA. Its truly amazing!

  6. Yes, a number of fun ‘little’ places to visit around Missouri. My wife and I like to find new towns/villages and take a day or overnight trip to these destinations. We are starting a blog of our own so we can share our experiences and some photos.

    We are both from MO but never really traveled much to other parts of the state. Just started the last couple of years. It’s more interesting than one might think. What other state can boast a 12,000 lb pecan? 🙂

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