This Is A Weapon-Free Blog (I Think)

I have mentioned before how there’s a major difference in how Dutch people go to football

They should adopt this policy at airports. Airtight!

games and Americans go through their own rituals before visiting a match. It struck me again when I went to visit another sports event: the MMA (mixed martial arts). MMA is a form of cage fighting mostly starting out as a boxing match and ending as a fight between siblings. After a while, they just lay on the ground, holding each other so close that a real fight is made impossible. It was very much fun to go to though, but one thing stood out very much.

Upon entering the building, there were volunteers checking those who came in. I know this from football matches. They search everyone for cans of beer, weapons and fireworks. My brother gets a search every time he goes to a match, even though he looks like his wife made him at Build A Bear. I thought the security at a fighting event would be even tighter, as aggression might build up even higher. Much to my surprise, no one was searched. Volunteers asked anyone that came in whether they had guns, knifes or other weapons. Upon answering the question negatively, one could walk on. I was amazed, but I did like that it actually worked (I’m not entirely sure, but I didn’t get stabbed). It shows that there’s a lot wrong with football, as well as how naive Americans can be sometimes.

How do you think the Department of Homeland Security feels about this?

Are you currently carrying a weapon?

Do you like MMA?


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