I’m Snobby And I Know It

I won’t lie to you, sometimes I feel spoiled. I went for a weekend trip to Hermann, MO. It’s known (within Missouri) for its wineries. The hills in and around town are covered in vineyards, the old city centre is bursting with cuteness and there’s even a marriage trail. Don’t go there though. The spoiledness doesn’t kick in here yet. It’s the actual wineries where I feel I cannot appreciate the taste of the locals. We arrived in a cute B&B, got out room upgraded and found ourselves in the ‘sweetheart’ room. The lady that welcomed us was really nice, telling us to visit the visitor’s centre and giving us some general information about the town.

At the visitor’s centre, we were given the same information again (including the first of many versions of how the Norton grape saved France and Italy’s wine industries) and were recommended the same winery once more. When looking for a place to lunch and thus prepare us for wine tasting, that very winery was recommended yet again. Three recommendations had us excited, so we were eager to visit the winery, about 5 miles out of town. We arrived, walked in and took a sip. I hated the wine. I am sorry, dear people of Missouri, but your wine stinks (wait, not the correct word, because there is no scent either) and worst of all, that Norton grape you are so fond of? It takes a crew of 24 men to do the work of a machine (the Norton grape is the only grape that has to be hand picked) and the result is terrible! I love this country of yours, but there are some things you should leave to Europeans. Apparently, growing grapes and making shoes are two of them. Not all the wine was bad though, I ended up liking one winery (also the only one to serve their wine in glasses instead of plastic cups), so we bought two bottles of wine from them. I was however horrified by the recommendations of the locals. Biased, much?


What’s your favorite wine?

Do you have other snobby hobbies that you’d like to talk about so I don’t look that bad?


26 thoughts on “I’m Snobby And I Know It

  1. I agree!! Drinking Missouri wine is like going back to PBR after you’ve had a taste of Guinness. It’s like hiking around in Ohio after having a taste of the Rocky Mountains. It’s…awful.

  2. Come visit Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in California, near San Fransisco. A number of their wines have won European contests after blind testing by French(!) judges–one of whom actually demanded the ballot back after the results became known. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judgment_of_Paris_%28wine%29 (About that epic US-France wine tasting contest, it was made into a movie “Bottle Shock” that premiered at Sundance 2008.) But you’re right about Missouri, none of those wines can compete.

    • I read ‘Come visit Napa Valley’ and I didn’t care about the wine anymore. I don’t know why Missouri wines get the (local) approval so much, I’m afraid it’s local pride. I think California wines are indeed good, as well as well-known. From what I can tell, it’s for a reason.

      • BTW, I agree that shoe-making should be left to the Europeans. (I’m thinking Meindl, here. Their boots rock. Nobody makes them like that.)

  3. I live near St. Louis but I can bet that my hobbies are as snobby as yours. πŸ™‚ I’m a huge fan of opera. And I know recipes of at least a dozen dishes made with caviar.

    The expression “Missouri wine” is an oxymoron, of course. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m what you’d call an armchair traveller. I follow the tour but don’t stand in lines or queues and I don’t text at any time.

    I’m Canadian. I’ve turned down wine I don’t like therefore I am a wine snob. Just because a wine is priced at $30 doesn’t mean it’s GOOD. Thanks for stoppping by y post.

  5. Perhaps you might want to try a trip to California? I can’t say it would compare to European wine but I don’t drink wine much. However, people seem to like Napa. Paso Robles and Temecula has several vineyards. Again, don’t know about the grapes, but people seem to enjoy traveling to those places.

    Lake Forest, CA

  6. If you travel to north Florida/ south Alabama, DO NOT get talked into tasting the local muscadine wines. I’ve not tasted the Missouri wines, but I’ll take your word for it that it would be advisable to pass on them. I’m thinking it would be a similiar experience, except perhaps, the muscadine wine is even worse! Or maybe just an acquired taste? Oregon wines, on the other hand, compare nicely to the Californias.

    And thank you for “like”.

  7. I have recently discovered I am such a coffee snob, that I don’t like coffee anymore. πŸ™‚ My friend Christie says I need to blog about that. Maybe when all the wedding craziness is over, I will!

  8. I’m sorry that you had such a negative experience in your Missouri travels. I’ve had wines from twenty seven states and found very good representative Missouri wines. Many times I found, literally, only one winery in a state that I enjoyed, but most states had several to be commended as in Missouri. I visited 37 wineries in Missouri and came away with five very nice vineyard examples. Sure, most people don’t have the time to visit so many wineries, but it’s part of my travels. Don’t get too upset if you did not ‘cotton’ to Norton wines in MO. 50% of people either do or do not like the wine to an extreme. I’m one that personally likes this grape/wine very much. Wonderful examples of this wine has been found in TX (2), VA (3), MO (5), AL (1), AR (1), PA (1), etc. Yes, you most probably are right in not comparing MO wines to CA or Europe, but in most cases (and we certainly have acquired a bunch of ’em) we have found state terroirs that complemented new tastes.

    • Don’t get me wrong, the experience was good in itself, but I might fall on one end of the extreme on the Norton. Good to know there’s more states to taste wine in. Thanks for commenting here!

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